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Image quality is achieved by giving talented people the right tools. We built our services by focusing on quality by automating repetitive tasks so we can keep our eyes on your images.

Movie Films

From CHF 24.00

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Film cleaning

Before loading the film onto the scanner, we inspect the film, replace white leaders and repair dubious splices. The film is cleaned to remove dust and particles. We make sure every film will be scanned under the best conditions.

High Quality

We use professional film scanners that continuously transport the film without sprockets, so there is no risk to damage the film. A trained operator adjusts the scanner settings to capture every detail of your precious memories.

Manual Restoration

We invented a unique image stabilization algorithm which we apply to all the films we process, then, we also adjust the colors. The result is stunning and we are very proud to offer this service at no additional costs.

You were able to take advantage of old 8mm films by transferring them to DVD, which allows me to again to view them. In the future, I will not hesitate to use your services.



Relive your Memories

Video Tapes

From CHF 29.00

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Video tapes are fragile

Entrust them to us and we will save them for eternity.

Tape inspection

We inspect every video tape and its content is edited by a dedicated technician, who gives your memories the attention they deserve.

Quality Converters

We use industry-grade video-to-SDI converters that can decode signals weakened by the years.

Content Trimming

We keep only the relevant parts of the video tapes. The empty parts at the beginning and the end of the tape are removed.

We have just received our order and thank you for the work done. These are magical moments that have come back to life thanks to you.



Photos & Slides

From CHF 0.90

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Essentially every slide we receive requires some correction for the effects of time.

Restoration, High Resolution

We scan at resolutions that will allow you to at least double the size of a paper photo.


Our photo restoration techniques allow us to return nearly any photo to their former glory.

I have just received my first CD with scanned slides, and I am really happy with the quality of your work. Many thanks! I had tried to do it myself, but with unsatisfactory results. Now I will put a recommendation on my Facebook page with your web address.

Lorraine Patton


Your old photos like new ones